Welcome to Morinville Seed Cleaning Co-op Ltd.

In the spring of 1948, a group of concerned farmers and municipal councillors met to discuss the growing problem of the municipality becoming infested with weeds. It was discovered that due to improperly cleaned grain or in some cases, grain not cleaned at all, was being planted. From the discussions, the idea came forth for a central seed cleaning facility for the municipality. A temporary board was formed and a year later our co-operative was formed and incorporated on July 9, 1949.  A joint agreement ensued with the Municipal District of Sturgeon, The Alberta Government Department of Agriculture and the Shareholders of the Morinville Plant and construction began.

Over the years there have been several building upgrades and seed cleaning equipment additions to the plant. To date we are the only plant in Alberta that has two complete separate lines of cleaning equipment which allows us to process different commodities at the same time.

Today, with the strength of over 600 members and non-members, our plant continues to grow and diversify.


Held annually in late fall. Notices will appear here.