Seed Processing

  • Aspirator – Removes dust, light and foreign material from seed before cleaning equipment
  • Buffer-Debearder – Polishes and clips oats, breaks beards from barley, removes seed from whitecaps and clips hairs and tails off of wild oats.
  • Air/Screen Machines – Separates product by running over select screen size (based on what product is being cleaned) by using eccentric drives to move the seed along the screens. This process removes small seeds to provide a uniform sample.
  • Indent – Separates grain by length from long to short, removes wild oats and weed seeds.
  • Gravity – Separates based on density using eccentric drives, a raised deck and air to remove remaining foreign materials.
  • Colour Sorter – Optical separation adds great value to commodities that require just that little bit extra attention. The sorter uses camera sensors that signal a puff of air to eliminate the selected material.

Other Services

  • Pedigreed seed cleaning
  • Licenced to clean organic seed
  • 20/20 Seed Labs drop off
  • Seed sales
  • Sell screenings on behalf of our producers
  • Bagging – 25 kg, 40kg and tote bags
  • Container loading – bulk or bagged – 20’ or 40’
  • Rail car loading